What We Do

If you live in Merritt Township, belong to a Merritt Township non-profit organization, are a member of one of the Merritt Township Churches, or work full time in Merritt Township you can apply for financial assistance.

If you fit the criteria, we also distribute food baskets member of our community.

College scholarships are awarded twice a year (September and January) to full time students in our community who meet one of the qualifications listed above.
To date we have awarded 9 scholarships.

Our Mission:

To spread goodwill through out our community with the hopes that true acts of kindness will be continuous.

With this goal in mind the last 11 years we have been able to help several members of our community who had:

  • house fires
  • suffered from a lingering illness and needed help with medical bills, or building a handicap ramp.
  • been laid off or on disability and need help with medical, heating, or electric bills.

We have assisted 44 families, distributed over 152 food baskets to families in our community who have needed just a little help to make it through the month, and awarded 27 college scholarships to students in our community.

To make a financial donation, donate items for the auction, or items for the food pantry please call one of our members:

  • 659-2190 Marre Beyer
  • 659-3245 Dawn VanDenBoom
  • 659-2184 Gail Kleinert
  • 659-2926 Geri McComb

To qualify for assistance from this group you must answer yes to one of the following:

  • Are you a full time resident of Merritt Township?
  • Do you work full time in Merritt Township?
  • Are you a member of a non-profit organization in Merritt Township?
  • Are you a current member of a Merritt Township Church?